85th Anniversary

Community giving program unveiled at Downes 85th anniversary ceremony

New Britain, CT:  Downes Construction Company is topping off its 85 years of business by giving back to the community.

An impressive list of community leaders gathered today at a kick-off ceremony to mark Downes Construction Company’s 85 years in business. “Downes first projects were for the manufacturing companies in New Britain, including Stanley Works,” shared John Downes, III, President of Downes Construction Company. “While our foundation is in New Britain, over the decades we have grown to serve multiple communities in our great state. Therefore, our 85th anniversary was created to give back to some of the communities that we have served over the decades.”

Newly elected Senator Genarro Bizzarro was among the dignitaries. “My parents taught me about hard work, dedication and determination,” said Bizzarro. “It’s obvious that Downes’ 85 years of success is the result of decades of hard work, dedication and determination.”

Modeled after the Ana Grace Project, whose slogan is “Love Wins,” Downes anniversary giving program promotes love, community and connection. “The Ana Grace project is a beautiful role model for individuals and the business community,” said Desautel.  “We are

The Downes anniversary giving program benefits three non-profit organization in its service area: The Consolidated School District of New Britain, honoring unsung teacher heroes; the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford; and The WorkPlace in Bridgeport. Representatives from all three organizations were on hand to celebrate with Downes.  Speaking at the anniversary kick off were Nancy Sarra, Superintendent, Consolidated School District of New Britain, Sam Gray, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Hartford, and Joe Carbone, CEO, The WorkPlace of Bridgeport.

Downes Construction Company was founded in New Britain in 1934 by the late Frank E. Downes and Jack Hasson. Then, with a staff of 10-12 employees, the company completed several projects at the local manufacturing companies, including Stanley Works. Today, under the leadership of the third generation of Downes family members, the company has grown to a team of 60, and has a bonding capacity of $500M, with zero litigation in the company’s history. Downes provides customized construction management services to clients in education, healthcare, public safety, transportation, museums and corporations.


Consolidated School District of New Britain Unsung Hero Teachers





85th Kickoff



Downes President John Downes Jr.

Senator Genarro Bizzarro and Downes CEO Joe Desautel



New Britain Superintendent of Schools Nancy Sarra

Nelba Marquez-Greens of the Ana Grace Project with New Britain Schools Staff Members




Boys & Girls Club of Greater Hartford CEO Sam Gray



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