David Heer, LEED AP

David has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry.  He has an extensive background in estimating, including cost analysis, subcontractor scopes, conceptual estimates and detailed takeoffs. David’s previous experience working as a construction manager and for subcontractors provides invaluable tools for managing today’s fast track schedules and dynamic budgets. David has diverse experience in education, healthcare, institutional, laboratory and public sector markets.

As a Project Executive, David has total responsibility for his assigned projects from the pre-construction conceptual and budget estimating to the eventual construction and closeout of the job. David’s duties begin at a project’s inception working with the Owner and Project Architect. David works to inform the Owner of the need to blend ongoing activities with the coordination of construction activities so there are minimal interruptions to the Owner occupied areas of the project. He emphasizes the phasing by incorporating the information into the bid documents to clarify the scope of work to the subcontractors and brings into play the site development drawings to coordinate project concerns.

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