The Downes Group

The Downes Group staff of Planning and Program Management Implementation professionals can customize a management package to fit individual client needs.  Using the Downes Group approach, the client experiences the highest comfort level knowing their project will become a successful reality.

The Downes Group possesses the experience and unique skills to facilitate the development of a program necessary to meet the client's needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art management information systems, The Downes Group has provided over one million square feet of program management services for numerous public and private clients including the State of Connecticut, interfacing with groups ranging from city planning, zoning and economic development personnel to architects, civil and environmental engineers, specialized project consultants, state DEP and federal EPA agencies

The Downes Group Provides Clients with a Full-Range of Services Including:

  • Master Planning and Site selection
  • Design Development and Scope Review
  • Identify and Secure Private and Public Financing
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Pre-qualify and Assist in Various Consultant Selection
  • Project Facilitation and Management
  • Feasibility Studies and Market Research
  • Liaison with Municipal, State and Governmental Agencies
  • Assist in Public and State Approvals
  • Budget Estimating and Cost Control
  • Computer Generated Scheduling
  • Construction Document Review and Bidding Process Implementation
  • Value Engineering, Regulatory and Code Review Construction
  • Management and Oversight
  • Quality and Safety Programs
  • Assist in Team Negotiations and Leasehold Improvements

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